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At Gold Coast Motorrad , we want you to get the most from your BMW. You trust your bike. When it comes to maintenance, repairs and service, you should be able to trust them just the same. We take every measure to ensure your bike leaves our shop as good as, or better than, when it left the factory. We all ride, so we treat every bike that rolls through our doors as our own. From a simple oil change to a complete overhaul, when you bring your bike to GC Motorrad, it’s always in good, highly skilled hands. The more you come in, the more we get to know you, your bike and how you ride – it’s a natural part of our passion for all things motorcycles.

With every service fully recorded you have now the option to request the recording of your bike .

At GC Motorrad, we have nothing to hide and we provide you full transparency and quality work for your motorcycle .
It’s all part of our commitment to helping you get the most from your BMW.


Choosing a competitive alternative to dealership servicing does not have to mean losing your warranty. At GC MOTORRAD, we take care to service warranty protected vehicles with only BMW approved parts, BMW recommended oil ensuring your warranty is maintained and of course a BMW Motorrad Registered Technician

Your warranty is protected by Law if the respect of the 3 criteria:

criteria 1 : as per the ACCC* , only a Qualified technician can perform work on your motorcycle .

criteria 2 : as per the ACCC* , the servicing need to be performed in accordance to the manufacture specification .

criteria 3 : as per the ACCC*  every job carried out has to be done using genuine parts or recommended parts specified by the manufacturer.

ACCC  : Australian Competition & Consumer Comission .